DAVIS COLUMN: Trout and first ice set to attract customers – WiscNews

DAVIS COLUMN: Trout and first ice set to attract customers – WiscNews

Tall Tails in Boscobel is one of the few local shops that has beaver tails (sold as tiny pieces) for ice fishing, so look online, too.

Ice fishing supplies are still not readily available, said Doug Williams.

“Make sure your auger blades are sharp because new ones are hard to get. Wear a life jacket, to save your life and for warmth, too. Get your favorite jigs when you can. Many come from China,” he added.

Additional safety items include ice creepers and a couple large spikes to get back onto the ice from the water.

This might be a good time to check out pet shelters if someone is looking for a new pet dog; and keep those bird feeders full, Williams recommends.

“I’ve gone through 300 pounds of good seed already,” he said. “Shotgun sales are good so hunters haven’t given up on bird hunting next year.”

Don Martin, at Martin’s in Monroe, has a good assortment of ice jigs and some gear, too.

“Different sizes, models and colors are what anglers are looking for to choose their favorites,” Martin said.

The wind storms of late took more than a few twigs and limbs from trees. Most damaged were evergreens, pines, spruces, and firs because they provided more wind resistance being in full foliage all the time.

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